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Terms & Condition of Use


This document is to be read in association with the Therapy Lounge Privacy Policy

Please read the following Terms and Conditions of Use as these terms govern your access to our Service and constitute a legally binding agreement between you, Therapy Lounge, the Service and the Member.

Relevant Terms

“You” or “your” –  refers to you as the person who is the User of the Service.

“The User” – the person who is using the Service.

“The Service” – The Service provided to you by Therapy Lounge.

“The Member” – the Australian Degree Qualified Counsellor or Therapist to whom you will be connected to speak with.

“We” or “us” – Therapy Lounge.

Therapy Lounge provides a contact gateway designed to give individuals ease-of-access to professional and degree-qualified Counsellors/Therapists. Our Members offer a range of therapeutic techniques and strategies to help improve emotional functioning and well-being and to help you manage more effectively, day-to-day living.

Important Note

The Service is not a medical or mental health emergency, or crisis service. If you have a medical or mental health emergency, hang up and call 000 immediately or go to the nearest hospital emergency department. If you are considering self-harm, suicide, having thoughts of harming another person or you are being harmed, hang up immediately and call 000.

Alternative contact numbers:

Ambulance / police attendance: call 000

Lifeline: 13 11 14

DV Connect Womensline: 1800 811 811 (24/7)

DV Connect Mensline: 1800 600 636 (7am-12midnight, 7 days per week)

DV Connect Sexual Assault Line: 1800 010 120 (7.30am-11.30pm, 7 days per week)

(hours and contact details are correct at time of posting).


The Scope of these Terms and Conditions of Use apply to Therapy Lounge, the Members and Users of the Service.

The Terms

By using this Service, you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions as set down by the laws and regulations governing the Service.

The Service

The Service agrees to provide Users:

(a) access to professional, degree-qualified Counsellors/Therapists at a-cost-for-service, time-used basis,

(b) the provision of information, products and services as found on our website www.therapylounge.com.au

Not a Medical, Mental Health, Business or Legal Service

The Service provides access to certain general emotional and psychological support only. The Service does not provide medical advice, mental health services or mental health diagnoses. If you suspect you have a medical or mental health condition, we advise you to always seek the advice of a medical physician or another qualified healthcare provider.

Members do not offer Users advice on legal or business matters. If you are seeking legal or business-related information, you are recommended to seek this advice from an appropriately qualified legal or business specialist.

Our Members

All Therapy Lounge Members have attained at minimum, a degree qualification in either counselling, psychology, social work, psychotherapy, behavioural science or equivalent. Members ensure they engage in continuous professional development and have up to date professional indemnity and public liability insurance. Whilst every care is taken to verify Members credentials and insurance cover, Therapy Lounge takes no responsibility and makes no representation regarding the accuracy of Members credentials and insurance cover. Therapy Lounge expressly takes no responsibility for fraudulent credentials or claims made by Members. Changes may occur to Members credentials and insurance status after such time as Member checks have been conducted. Therapy Lounge recommends that you independently confirm that your Member is in good professional standing.

The User

All Users of the Service must be 18 years and over and must be authorised to use the payment option you will provide to Therapy Lounge for the service.

The Service is not to be used for any other purpose other than what has been stated here. Any caller using profane, aggressive or inappropriate language will be immediately disconnected and funds already paid will not be refunded.

Ownership of Intellectual Property Rights

The Service, and all content on this website are protected by Australian and international copyright, trademark, and other laws. We own or have the license to use all of the intellectual property rights relating to Therapy Lounge, the Service and content, including, but not limited to, all intellectual property rights protected as patent pending or patented inventions, trade secrets, copyrights, trademarks, service marks, trade dress, or proprietary or confidential information, and whether or not they happened to be registered.

Payment Policy

By using the Service, you understand and agree to pay all fees and charges for Members services at the beginning of each call, and ongoing (where applicable) as the call proceeds. You authorise Therapy Lounge to deduct all applicable fees from your nominated credit card  to which you have authorisation to use. You understand and agree your responsibility for all telephone charges you incur by your phone carrier during the call with Therapy Lounge Member’s. Contact your phone carrier and check call charges to 1300 numbers.

Third Party Website Links and Advertising

Therapy Lounge is not responsible or liable for the availability or accuracy of any third-party links or advertising found on our website. Therapy Lounge does not endorse, sponsor or recommend third party websites, their content, products or services. The User is responsible for verifying any content, products or services offered by these websites. Therapy Lounge is not liable for any loss or damage arising out of, or relating to these websites or their advertising.


Therapy Lounge offers no warranty on advice or information provided to you by Members and makes no guarantee on the accuracy or suitability of the advice, information or service, or their applicability to your personal circumstances. Brief duration, and phone therapeutic support should not replace face-to-face detailed intake processes and consultation with an appropriate therapist matching your personal needs.


You will indemnify Therapy Lounge, all affiliates, directors, employees, contractors, agents, Members and other representatives from, and against all claims, causes of action, liabilities, losses, costs or expenses, including but not limited to attorneys’ fees and expenses, arising out of, or relating to:

  • your access to the Service,
  • content given to you by Members,
  • any violation by Users of these Terms and Conditions.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

Therapy Lounge reserves the right to change our Terms and Conditions and cost for service at any time. Any changes made by us will become part of our agreement with you when posted on our website.

Collection of personal information

In certain circumstances, we may collect personal information about you. These circumstances may include becoming a Member (therapist), joining our newsletter list, becoming a partner organisation or accessing therapeutic services via our telephone or online platforms. The types of information we collect may include: your name, contact details, payment details (including credit card/bank account), and Member qualifications and insurance certificates of currency.

Therapy Lounge may also record details pertaining to clients’ issues accessing the Service, including recording of audio material of counselling sessions. Written and recorded material is kept in a secure location and electronic information is stored and password protected.

How we use your personal information

Information recorded is used for the purposes of: quality control and continuous improvement, statistical analysis to establish trends (age & gender of the person accessing the service, web pages viewed, time on web page etc), to determine marketing strategies, training, dispute resolution and to enhance client/Member safety.

These records may also be discussed, from time to time, during supervision between the Member (therapist) and his/her Supervisor. Content of sessions are only discussed for the purposes of professional development, training, and to continually improve the quality of the service on offer. Sessional information is gathered by Members to enable therapists to provide clients with quality, relevant and informed service.


All personal information taken during your engagement with Therapy Lounge will remain confidential except in the following circumstances:

  • If subpoenaed by a court of law (however it is the policy of Therapy Lounge to argue for client confidentiality wherever possible).
  • Any violation by Users of our Terms and Conditions as seen on our website.
  • If a Therapist suspects a client is at risk of: harming him/herself, harming another person or are, themselves being harmed. We have a duty of care to protect that person.
  • During professional and confidential supervision.

As a rule, we do not provide information, including written reports for court proceedings, to GP’s, lawyers, insurance agents or other external parties unless pre-arranged and agreed upon by Therapy Lounge Management.

Therapy Lounge may engage third party partnering organisations to complete functions relating to the Service on our behalf, including but not limited to, transaction processing, IT support, telephone recording and telephone support services. We grant permission to these companies to obtain personal information about the User in order to complete their required functions. Therapy Lounge takes all reasonable steps to ensure our partners adhere to strict confidentiality and privacy guidelines in relation to protecting your personal information.

Complaints Process

Should you wish to make a complaint about the service you have received from Therapy Lounge, you can:

  1. Speak directly to the Member you are currently in contact with at the time of your call.
  2. Visit our website and go to the “Contact Us” page and advise us directly of your issue. We will attempt to contact you to resolve the issue in a timely manner.

If you have any feedback regarding any point(s) mentioned in these Terms and Conditions, or about the services offered by Therapy Lounge, please go to the “Contact Us” page and send us your feedback.

About Us

We are a team of professional and University-trained counsellors, and our vision is to make counselling affordable and accessible to you.

Whether you need a brief 15 minutes to address one burning question or a full hour, our framework is designed to meet your needs. We offer phone counselling charged by the minute so you are only changed for the exact time you need and best of all, no booking, no waiting. Simply call and you’ll be connected immediately with a therapist, 7 days a week, 8.30am to midnight.

Our aim is to offer total flexibility by meeting you where you are at in terms of time and affordability without comprising our quality service at any time.


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