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Our team

We are a team of professional and University-trained counsellors, and our vision is to make counselling affordable and accessible to you.

Our framework allows flexibility for your. Whether you need a brief 15 minutes to address one burning question or a full hour, we are here to meet your needs. We offer phone counselling charged by the minute so you are only changed for the exact time you need. The benefits of this? There are no bookings or waiting times. Simply call and you’ll be connected immediately with a therapist, 7 days a week, 8.30am to midnight.

Our aim is to offer total flexibility by meeting you where you are at in terms of time and affordability without comprising our quality service at any time.

This page will list all our talented therapists and team members that allows Therapy Lounge to provide you exceptional counselling services.


To be able to assist couples and individuals to meet their true potential and heal along the way is so humbling and magical to watch. To be able to bring you the best possible service, I combine of all my tertiary education, life experiences, love of science and learning to my practice.


By the time many clients reach therapy they emotionally feel well past their used-by date: exhausted from the time spent under the strain of internal or external turmoils. The forefront of my thinking is that if issues can be reconciled earlier, people are more likely to have to endure less emotional pain. I recognised a need to provide support for people in real time, on the stop, when and where they need it - ergo, the inception of Therapy Lounge.