Most consumer reports evidence that people find the dating world stressful, time consuming and difficult to navigate. In addition, it can usually be an expensive undertaking and sometimes all for little or no results. It can be like living on an emotional roller-coaster.

Whether you use online/app platforms or date organically, the experience can leave you feeling hopeless, flat and can plummet both your self-esteem and finances.

Sometimes there are fundamental things we do wrong dating that can undesirably alter the trajectory to meeting the perfect other. At other times it’s the small things that cause a lack of results. Nevertheless, there are things you can do to alter your dating course.

All Therapy Lounge counsellors are minimum degree qualified and our founders, Linda Thomson and Terri O’Reilly have well over two decades of counselling and dating consultancy experience.

How we can help you achieve better dating results…

We work collaboratively with our clients to:

  • Formulate a dating plan: Together we’ll establish a dating plan including who you are looking for, where to meet them and how to go about actioning the plan.
  • Perfect your online dating profile: We’ll write it from scratch or proof read what you have already and give you feedback on ways to improve it to maximise chances of success.
  • Ensure your photo’s really do you justice: Let’s ensure your photos are doing you the ultimate justice and are suitable for attracting the person you want to be with.
  • Help you with personal styling: Sometimes the outfit we love doesn’t always love us back. Dress in what compliments you the most. Personal hygiene choices should also suit to match the person you want to attract. We’ll help you style these for success!
  • Understand your personality profile: Let’s have a look at your personality type and see what type of person suits you best and more importantly… will make you happy.
  • Do an emotional check-up: Unfinished business or unresolved past hurts will kill your dating journey. Our consultants will help you establish what your emotional content is and how to work through it, before potentially attracting, or repelling Mr or Ms Right.
  • Implement date safe: We discuss a safety plan to ensure you are dating safe, no matter what age you are.
  • Critique messaging/texting: We’ll review what’s great and what can be a little tweaked for better results. We’ll always be honest in our feedback.
  • Date rehash: We’ll critique actual dates and give you the feedback.

If your dating experience is not what you desire it to be:

  • Call right here, right now to see how we can help. Talk for as little or as long as you need.
  • Call in the moment of the date if you think things are travelling south
  • Email and book a face-to-face or Skype appointment to discuss your needs.

Don’t wait – the perfect person for you might be out there and might pass you by while you think about putting better practices into place. Procrastination will only hold you back from living a connected and loving life.