I Keep Dating losers – 6 Steps to rid them for good

You consider yourself a bit of a dating pro. You spend the time screening your prospects Jason Bourne style, before even meeting. Your methodical and meticulous and have tried all the best online dating sites yet you still keep finding losers. You’ve gotten to the point in the past where you’ve thought… I just can’t get back on line again. Before you close yet another profile, read on…

How to Date at 50 Plus and Love the Experience

Your past relationships didn’t work out for whatever reason and there’s rarely a point dwelling for too long on the reasons why. The fact is, if you’re in your 50’s and not wanting to spend the rest of your life alone, then I don’t have to be a clairvoyant to tell you that you’re more than likely going to date. The good news is that we have more dating options than ever before so unless you’re invisible, don’t know another human being and don’t have a phone or the internet… I think you may be up to the challenge.

30 Something and Single: What’s the Problem Anyway?

But now we’ve arrived at our 30’s and still don’t have it all figured out, right? The problem with being 30 something and single is that society and the people in our lives, all expect us to have a Wikilife manual; our entire plan and goals all mapped out down to the chickpea salad were having for lunch. Not only should we have the plan, but we should be on the road to already achieving most of it. We should be performing like a Suits character, be in a committed relationship, have the children quandary sorted and generally be successful and content.

10 Dating Mistakes You May Be Making:  Get Dating Tips Now

We have more mediums to date now than ever before. We no longer have to stand around in bars and stay out late only to be exhausted the next day at the office. We’ve said bye bye to needing to go on God-awful blind dates organised by our married friends.

Yes … we have access for hundreds of potentials just by sitting at home in our flannies perched in front of TV with laptop in hand.

Styling Tips for a First Date to Guarantee a Second

It doesn’t matter is you are a vintage shopper extraordinaire or Donatella Versace in the making, dressing for dating is a different art. Eric Wargo of the Association for Psychological Science warns that there are no second chances when it comes to making a first impression. In the past we thought we had around 60 seconds to create an impression, however new research reveals that it may take as little as a tenth of a second to make an impression, and longer exposure doesn’t significantly alter this impression.