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Australians spend around $11.65 billion on dating every year. For many, the endeavour can be worth the investment – a cascade of elating experiences, meeting new people and journeying into new places. Self esteem increases as we revel in the attention and seem to have a plethora of choices – the weekends are far from lonely.

Conversely, for others dating can be seen as a waste of time, stressful and sole destroying, leaving the person asking themselves what they are doing wrong. As anxiety rises and results are still elusive, over time the process becomes more and more unenjoyable – a chore, pleasure in the journey itself now non-existent.

Sometimes it’s hard to get the answers to what you’re doing wrong on your own. An external professional can often see critical things that could be improved upon to enhance your dating results.

At Therapy Lounge, we’ll help you navigate your journey with more joy and help you separate the things you’re doing right, from the things that need improving. It may be as simple as tweaking a few small but fundamental things that will make all the difference and get you your desired results. Call us for a chat in the Lounge now.




Sex Therapy

Many people experience some form of sexual issue throughout the lifespan. We are a product of everything that has occurred to us to date, and some of our past experiences can impact on current sexual functioning. On some occasions we will traverse the problem with minimal intervention but in other instances the issue becomes highly invasive and requires more significant, or professional support in order to improve.

Some individuals are not bothered by the situation at all, however the partner may desire change or the relationship itself suffers as a result of the sexual dysfunction.

The important thing to note is that sexual issues rarely improve if left untreated and sexual issues do impact on the health of the relationship. The dysfunction often places significant strain on both individuals and some relationships find the strain difficult to withstand. Mistrust and resentment can creep into the relationship and be difficult to address if left for an extended period of time.

Therapy Lounge counsellors can help you define exactly what the issue is and what the driving factors are likely to be. We can then formulate a treatment plan to help you overcome the sexual dysfunction and regain a healthy sex life.



Research on the benefits of preventative medicine is substantial. We focus on many aspects of prevention when it comes to physical health. We need to think about our emotional and psychological health the same way.

Our emotional and psychological states impact significantly on physical health so it makes good sense to engage in preventative strategies to keep them at their optimum. Similar to physical health, once depleted, a substantial investment of time and money is often required to regain normal healthy functioning.

As we do with our body, we need to pay attention to how we think and feel emotionally and psychologically, assess when we are not operating at optimum and implement strategies to repair when necessary.

At Therapy Lounge, our focus in on prevention as well as recovering from ill health.  We help our clients maintain day-to-day equilibrium and joy in their lives. We work at reducing anxiety, managing stress and implementing strategies to manage difficult thoughts and emotions.

Prevention is the key to maintaining a rich, full and meaningful life. Call us today and ask about emotional check-ups.


Millennials we get you

You are the first generation to have so much technology at your hands. So many career choices and you are motivated by careers that offer you challenge and inspiration. You are not scared to move on from careers that don’t offer you that.  Other generations experienced fear over what was deemed as a good job and stayed in careers well past their used by date.

Millennials however, do have your own pressures to face.  The world is going to have to count on you in ways that previous generations have not had to worry about. You have inherited a big mess to clean up.  Take all the plastic that we have generated now holding the earth to ransom. The corruption that exists at all levels of government, the banking sector, housing market, the entertainment sector to name a few.  The time is up, and #MeToo campaigns have started to expose that the entitled had gotten away with many years.

We are confident that your generation is up for the challenge. Your generation is often misunderstood and seen as entitled. But here at Therapy Lounge we know  that many of your generation have capabilities,skills and a real can-do attitude. You are up for the challenges that previous generations have left you.   There is a rise of what’s been coined the quarter -life -crisis.  Health retreats are increasing in numbers offering therapy for the quarter-life-crisis and rising stress levels. If life is getting tricky for you for whatever reason, support is a phone call away. Give Therapy Lounge a call now. We are here to help you get back on track.


Here at Therapy Lounge, we love helping people bloom in their relationships. If you’re going to be in a relationship, the only one to be in is a quality one. Otherwise, being single can sometimes be a better valued choice.

Some of the more common things couples face include:

  • personal crisis of one or both individuals in the couple unit
  • deteriorating communication and the rise of dysfunctional communication patterns
  • financial pressures
  • different parenting styles
  • addictions (ie sex, alcohol or other substances)
  • affairs
  • mismatched libidos
  • external societal pressures (ie social media and interference from family or friends causing issues within the couple unit)
  • a build-up of past hurts

Seeking out relationship, or individual counselling can be a complete game changer and can help traverse through the issues faster than the couple can do unassisted. We use therapies based in science to formulate a plan to address each of the issues and help you regain a happier relationship.

Therapy Lounge co-founders, Linda Thomson and Terri O’Reilly offer experience from over two decades of relationship counselling. In addition, all our staff are degree qualified and fully trained in relationship counselling. Staff also receive regular supervision and on-going personal and professional development. They all share the founder’s passion for enhancing relationships. If you are experiencing relationship issues, call now for a phone chat in the Lounge.

Individual Counselling

What are some of the reasons that individuals go to counselling? Some driving factors are:

  • sleepless night with something reoccurring on your mind
  • difficult break- ups
  • difficulties meeting a partner
  • even meeting somebody new can be stressful
  • relationship ambivalence
  • suffering loneliness and finding it difficult to connect with people or losing any interest in connecting with people
  • depression and anxiety
  •  work stress and pressures
  • trouble finding a job
  • abusing any substance misuse
  • your personal relationships are feeling strained
  • you feeling misunderstood
  • Click Here to read more of the reasons how we can assist you

Therapy is effective for helping people to see that painful experiences can be tolerated. When we are able to do so, life can changes for the better. Therapy does not necessarily have to be an hour one session. Therapy lounge can offer you traditional one hour therapy sessions or call us and talk for as little or as long as you like.


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